How to send clients intake forms


Bodywork Buddy has provided you with a default intake form for clients to fill out, but you can also edit it to customize to your needs. 

When you approve a new client request online or you're manually scheduling a new client, BWB will have a checkbox with the option to send an intake form to the new client.



If you'd like to send an intake form to an existing client, you can do so from with the client's file. Click on the blue "actions" button and select "send client intake form".



Once a client has filled out the form, you can access it from dashboard > clients > client intake form > main. Click on the client form you want to access, and their file will open up to the medical history tab. Under "filled date" you can click on the date the form was filled out and access the information. (Or you can go directly to the client's file > medical history tab > filled date > click date.

This feature is still in Beta while we fine-tune it. We're working to give you a notification when a client submits their form, automatically update the information in their file with the intake form information, as well as other improvements to make this feature seamless within the system.

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